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What if the photographer cancels?
The money you have paid to SpotFodo may be used to book another photographer, or you can opt to have your money refunded to you.
How are my photos from the photo shoot delivered to me?
Your photographer will upload the post-produced photos to SpotFodo.com where you will be able to download and view the images.
When will I receive my pictures?
You and your photographer mutually agree on a delivery date before the shoot.
How can I provide feedback on my experience with my photographer?
After your photo shoot, SpotFodo will send you a link so you can provide a review of your photographer.
What if I can't find a photographer with the specialty that I need?
You can provide feedback to SpotFodo about your desired specialty, which we will consider in future feature updates.
Can I book photo shoots for nudes or semi-nudes on SpotFodo?
Nude or semi-nude themed shoots cannot be booked on SpotFodo at this time.
When will SpotFodo be in my city?
If SpotFodo is currently not available in your city, please leave us feedback, so we may consider expanding to you location in the future.
Will my photographer provide me with the raw, non-processed pictures taken during my photo shoot?
Raw, non-processed pictures may be provided at the photographer's discretion.
Do I receive prints of my photos for the fees I pay on SpotFodo?
Your photos will be provided in digital format only. However, SpotFodo is exploring options to provide you with prints in the future. If you want prints, our photographers will work with you to find a package of prints that you will love.
What if I need to revise the amount of time I have reserved with my photographer?
If you decrease the amount of time you have previously booked, then you are subject to SpotFodo's cancellation and reschedule policy. If you need to increase the amount of time for which you need your photographer, please contact SpotFodo directly for assistance.
Can I contact a photographer before scheduling a photo shoot?
Yes, may send a message to any photographer on SpotFodo.
What are the credentials of the photographers listed on SpotFodo?
Many photographers on SpotFodo have acquired formal training through accredited photographer and/or art schools. Some have no formal training at all and are self-taught. However, in all cases, we review every photographer's portfolio before we accept their membership on SpotFodo.
Will my contact information be published anywhere on the website?
Your contact information will not be disclosed to anyone until a photo shoot is booked. After you book a photo shoot with a photographer, your phone number and e-mail address will be provided to the photographer.
How do I remove my account on SpotFodo?
Send an email to admin@spotfodo.com.
What is the cancellation policy for a shoot?
You must cancel your scheduled shoot 48 hours in advance or else you will be charged a 10% cancellation fee.


What happens if the client cancels?
A client who cancels later than 48 hours before the scheduled appointment will be charged a 10% cancellation fee. ​However, you ​always ​have the discretion to waive ​cancellation fees.
When do I get paid?
Once the client approves the photos from the shoot, payment is released within 48 hours.
When am I required to provide deliverables to the client?
SpotFodo will suggest a delivery date, however you and the client mutually agree upon a delivery date during the booking process, and you will be paid once the client confirms delivery on SpotFodo.
What fees ​does ​SpotFodo charge me?
During our initial release, we are waiving all membership fees to photographers who sign up now. On a per project basis, SpotFodo collects 15% of the total booking charge. If you have any questions, please contact us at support@spotfodo.com.
Are there any prerequisites to joining SpotFodo?
You must create an account on SpotFodo and upload a portfolio, which will be reviewed by SpotFodo staff.
How much money can I expect to make using SpotFodo?
SpotFodo's goal is to provide you with all the tools you need to create your own online marketplace to showcase your photography talent and attract clients. How much money you make is completely up to you.
How many specialties do I need to choose?
At least one. But of course, the more photos in your specialty portfolios, the more likely a potential client will be impressed by your style and skill.
How many photos do I need to upload to my portfolio?
At least 10 photos must be uploaded for each specialty you choose.
How often can change my rate hourly rate schedule?
You can change your hourly rate schedule whenever you want.
Who can write a review about me on SpotFodo?
Only clients who have booked a shoot with you on SpotFodo can write a review about you.
Will my contact information be published anywhere on the website?
Your contact information will not be disclosed to anyone until a photo shoot is booked. After a client books a photos shoot with you, your phone number and e-mail address will be provided to the client.
How do I remove my account on SpotFodo?
Contact SpotFodo support.