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I currently live in South Bay in Los Angeles, CA, where I dedicate myself to being a great listing agent in the Real Estate market, recreational and privately contracted photography, and the Miami International Film Festival.

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"The best things in life are usually recommended by friends.

When searching for photographers, I kept finding only two types: overpriced or incredibly cheesy photos. I didn't know what to do until I asked my friends for help. And thank goodness, one of them personally knew Anthony Nader. I quickly checked out his website and was instantly impressed.

A quick email later and we were set to meet at a local Starbucks. So professional, he brought a contract and letter of services. He is so genuine and so nice to work with. And the best part, he 100% has the talent to top it off.

My family and friends were impressed with his attitude throughout the evening, he was one of the crowd, offering photography tips to guests with their own cameras, joking around with family, such a pleasure to work with! He even hand-delivered the cd the next week with the completed pictures and offered a complimentary photography session at our next event. He knows it's all about word of mouth.

Being an up-and-coming photographer, he has so much to look forward to in his future, I just know it. He has already gotten offers at festivals and with jewelry companies, as well as many other private events (baby showers, weddings) - as you can see from the website. But the best part is that he has the two things I was looking for: affordable and talented. So recommended, from one Yelp friend to another."

- Rebecca C. Date: 04/08/2011 | Specialty: Wedding Photography



Florida International University
BA in Liberal Studies
Liberal Studies

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The Miami International Film Festival (MiamiFF) is a world-renowned international film festival and charity that connects art with audiences. I've proudly worked for the film festival for 3 years and counting as a photographer, graphic designer, distribution coordinator and presenter, and go back annually to give the festival my heart and soul.


Canon t3i

50mm, 18-105mm, 3 flash units, mobile softbox, flash triggers.

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