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The photo above was taken at my wedding. That is Danielle, my wife, and me posing for our formals. I met my wife while working on my portfolio 4 years ago. I needed a model for my 365 days of self portraits project and I asked her if she would pose for it, she said yes and we've been together ever since.

I started my business after college in 2009, and focused on shooting portraits that matched my clients personality. Over the years I've been able to become very flexible with my style. If you are a traditional person, your photos will reflect that. If you are a person who likes to stand out and be looked at for being different, I can work off that too. I've been told by many clients that they hate their photos being taken, but they loved having them taken by me.

Q: What do you charge for your services?
A: I don't charge for standard editing, and I don't charge extra for the digital rights. I charge $300 for the shoot, we mark off 2 hours incase we need it and we shoot until everyone is happy with the results.

Q: How do I get my photos?
A: I email them to you in under 48 hours.

Q: What if I want prints too?
A: You can either print them yourselves or you can go to our website and order them through us and have them shipped to your house.

Q: Studio or Location?
A: Both. I've done the research on rental studios in the areas and can offer a variety of choices of places to rent. You pay the rental fee for the space and I bring the equipment. Instead of having to raise my costs to support monthly rentals, I've chosen to support the local rental studios and also offer more variety to my client's portraits. As for locations, anywhere you'd like to go.

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""Jason had captured some of the most precious moments of our daughters life. His quality is unmatched & he has the most unique, yet very effective technique for producing stunning photography. ""

- Mandy Alvord Date: 2012-2014 | Specialty: Children

""Very professional on set. He actively listens to the needs of his client and tries his hardest to give them what they want. I actually had him do some tabletop work for my brewery and couldn't be happier with the results!""

- Samuel Oswald Date: 2014 | Specialty: Table Top and Beer

""I've worked with Jason several times, in varying types of shoots. We've done fun shoots, professional portraits, family portraits, pin up shoots and more. All of them turned out better than expected and so excellence is what I've come to expect from Jason. He's an amazing photographer, which is an excellent foundation when coupled with his phenomenal photoshop skills. He researches his craft constantly, which shows in his ever-growing skills set. He puts a lot of time, but more importantly a lot of care into all his shoots. I've watched him grow his brand over the years, which can easily be described as: out of the box!""

- Jennifer Gay Date: 2010-2014 | Specialty: Modeling and Portraits

""Jason is a amazing photographer with experience in many different types of photography. He is professional and easy to work with, doing everything he can to make you feel comfortable and get the best shots. You can tell the amount of time and effort he puts into each and every picture. I highly recommend him!""

- Sasha Foley Date: 2014 | Specialty: Sports

""Jason has an eye for bringing out a person's unique qualities. His portrait work showcases the subjects personality perfectly and immediately catches the eye in any line up with his use of rich, vibrant colors.His work is definitely memorable and one of a kind. I'm pretty convinced he is a wizard.""

- Joshua Lyon Date: 2013-2014 | Specialty: Portraits

""Jason is a very experienced, creative, and fun photographer. I've had the pleasure of working with Jason on many assignments. He is great at capturing detail, character, and bring out your true personality in the photos. That is why I chose to work with him on my fitness portfolio. The pictures taken have scored me two sponsorships, a feature in vegan health and fitness magazine, and feature in a book. Some day he will shoot my wedding too. Overall I am extremely pleased with the service he has provided and would recommend or work with him anytime! ""

- Amber Sperling Date: 2013-2014 | Specialty: Sports

"" Jason took my pictures quite a few times. Usually I just went in whenever he was doing a special project He was always super friendly when explaining prices and what was going to happen in the shoot, and as soon as the shoot started you could tell he was passionate about what he does. And this passion shows in his work. From the lighting set up, to the different camera angles, and tiny tweaks he does while shooting. He does everything in his power to release a quality product. And it is a quality product I will enjoy for the rest of my life. ""

- Andy Lewis Date: 2012-2014 | Specialty: Portraits

""There is a ridiculous amount of praise I could give Jason for all of the photo shoots he has pulled off for my husband and myself. From location shots, engagement photos, Our wedding day (which he helped customize center pieces and Jones Soda bottles for) to custom Christmas cards, Destroy the Dress, and the random "just because we want to have some fun" shots. Every photo is unique and surpasses expectations. You will not be disappointed!""

- Erin Arnst Date: 2010-2014 | Specialty: Wedding

""Jason Bennett is a professional whom I am proud to recommend. He will address your needs and make sure you've gotten exactly what you were looking for. You will find that he exceeds your expectations regarding all things photography related. He has a level of attention to detail unlike anybody I've ever met. Absolutely can't recommend him enough. Although this is just a review, look at his work, see for yourself!""

- Louie Devito Date: 2009-2014 | Specialty: Pets

"I came up to his Michigan office from Alabama. I did one of his "Destroy The Dress" photos. I'm normally leery of getting my picture taken because I've had so many bad experiences with photographers, but Jason helped me look good and we had a fun experience getting my dress messy! He knows what he's doing and is very creative! Anything you can think, Jason can do!"

- Heather Wright Date: 2013-2014 | Specialty: Destroy the

"Having worked with many photographers and dabbled in it a bit myself, Jason is one of the best. He is very talented, nice, and fun to work with. I was surprised by how many impressive photos he shot in just 20 minutes, and he got the edited images to me very quickly."

- Melissa Yui Date: 2014 | Specialty: Model

"Jason had captured some of the most precious moments of our daughters life. His quality is unmatched & he has the most unique, yet very effective technique for producing stunning photography."

- Mandy Alvord Date: 2012-2014 | Specialty: Children/Baby

"Jason is The best photographer I know, all the way from a normal shoot to somthing completely out of the box. If you want quality, respect, and someone who gives it all, talk to Jason. 5 stars! Keep up the good work!"

- Ty Terwillegar Date: 2013-2014 | Specialty: Portraits

"I have worked with Jason. Bennett for 5 years and enjoyed having all my Christmas cards looking amazing!"

- Connie Methner Date: 2009-2014 | Specialty: Family

"Jason's work has huge commercial appeal. I've never worked with somebody who is so attuned to detail and tone in his work, which is consistently impressive. He's great with kids and family, and time flies in a shoot with him. Don't waste your time with any other photographer; Photography Out of the Box is the real deal."

- Trever Bennett Date: 2009-2014 | Specialty: Assistant (Variety of Shoots)

"Jason took my family photo and it turned out amazing. He was great to work with, answered a lot of questions and told me a lot about the lighting in pictures. I would recommend him for any photos you need."

- Connie Lovely Date: 2013 | Specialty: Family

"Jason is a very talented photographer! Unlike all the local wanna-be photographers, he is able to set his lighting correctly to get great shots the first time! He is easy to work with, dues great with kids, pets, and combinations of pets and kids. A lesser talented person would have given up long before getting the shots that Jason did for our family. Definitely recommend!!"

- Dana Fuerst Date: 2014 | Specialty: Family/Children

"Jason is an amazing photographer with tons of unique ideas! He's also great with kids, which is a huge plus for me. You'll definitely end up with one of a kind pictures if you go to him!"

- Crystan Nicole Date: 2014 | Specialty: Children

""Very professional! Extremely fun and comfortable to work with! I had tons of fun in the liquid dress shot!""

- Faith Szenay Date: 2014 | Specialty: Model



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