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Moments are fleeting. Feelings are ephemeral. A photo can be forever. Looking back on life, we remember moments. A wealthy life brims over with memories worthy of reminiscence.

When I speak, I use verbal language to articulate how I feel or what I visualize in my mind’s eye. However, what I see and how I feel is described most precisely and at once through the language of light. Visual communication transcends that of verbal. A viewer can understand with sentience, in just a few seconds, what is being presented.

Camera of choice: It's a creative tool, you know? If it transcends my vision and helps create what my clients are expecting me to deliver, the brand is really irrelevant .... but just between us, much of my gear does say "Canon" on it.

Favorite time of day: Definitely dusk and dawn. But even when natural light is unfavorable, say during midday, I love using strobes and reflectors to shape the light and create an intriguing and illustrious atmosphere. What often determines a successful location shoot is how I deal with less-than favorable circumstances and turn them into advantage.

Thoughts on post production: For commercial work, I do whatever it takes to create the best possible image. If that means extensive post production with retouching and manipulation, so be it. For editorial work, as any serious photojournalist, I respect the ethical code of conduct in regards to image manipulation. Small tweaks to contrast and sharpness are sufficient.

Approach to assignments: A detailed, thorough brief means practically everything when it comes to reaching creative goals in photography. Especially during location shoots where there are already a ton of unpredictable parameters, like weather and lighting conditions. The better the brief, the more my team and I can focus on solving practical challenges that inevitably show up along the way. Which obviously leaves more time and energy for delivering exc

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Univeristy of California Santa Cruz
Film and Digital Media
Film and Digital Media

Professional Experience

Production photography on game show sets

Event photography

street style


Canon 6D

24-70mm f/2.8 L MKII Canon
24mm f/1.4 L MKII Canon
100-400mm L MKI Canon
40mm f/2.8 Canon
50mm f/1.4 Canon
85mm f/1.8 Canon
600 ex-rt Canon Speedlite x3 with modifiers

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